Does Your Dog Chew Like a Beaver?

March 18, 2011

Mark’s Tip This Week.

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This Week’s Tip: Drop the Shoe

March 8, 2011

Mark says “dogs can learn through training how to pick up and drop objects. I call this “give and take” or “up and DROP”. I use this method when training sporting dogs to release game birds. With a squeak toy, get your dog’s attention. Next, command “take” and let your dog bite and hold the [...]

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How Dogs View Time

March 2, 2011

Some studies seem to indicate that dogs live in the moment–like some of the happiest people I know! My dogs, however, seem to have built-in clocks for food, walks, play, sleep– for example, if we are up too late, one of them sits impatiently at the top of the stairs, as if to say “turn [...]

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This Week’s Training Tip Training Fido to Sit

February 24, 2011

First off, remain calm. Dogs feed off of our energy so try not to stress out around your dog. Get down on one knee, and slowly raise a treat above your dog’s nose. As the head raises up to follow the treat, gravity will slowly set the butt down. Praise with treat and repeat 10x [...]

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Pudgy Pets Health Problems

February 22, 2011

Is it time for Rover to back away from the kibble? The Wall Street Journal had an article today about pet obesity–in the article they state that obesity in pets causes as many health problems as smoking causes in humans. And who’s to blame? Look in the mirror! We control exercise and food for our [...]

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Tips for Interviewing Dog Walkers

February 16, 2011

San Francisco, a mecca for dog-lovers, is considering licensing dog walkers as they have had so many problems: abuse, lack of control, not picking up after them, the list goes on. From that area (Christie Keith, Your Whole Pet) comes tips for dog owners seeking dog walkers: 1. Narrow the Field: This city site has [...]

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Wanna Go?

February 8, 2011

Sure thing– all you do is have to ask or even rattle the keys. But keep them safe– according to AAA spokesperson Linda Gorman, “An unrestrained 10-pound dog will exert about 500 pounds of force in a collision at 50 mph, and in a collision at only 30 mph, an 80-pound dog will exert roughly [...]

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February is Dog Dental Month

February 6, 2011

Brushing their teeth is very important to Fido’s overall health: here’s a video that tells you all about it:

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What’s on their mind? Guide to Dogs’ Body Language

February 3, 2011

Ever wonder “What the heck is he thinking”? I ran across a blog that gives tips on dog’s body language and how you can observe the meanings of their eyes, tails, ears, hair and overall stance to get an idea of what’s on their mind. For example, SIGNS OF CONFIDENCE erect stance (standing tall), tail [...]

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Ice-Melting Products Pose Danger to Pets

January 25, 2011

A recent ASPCA press release points out that ice-melting products can post a real danger to our best friends. As if walks in a cold, snowy environment weren’t challenging enough, products like rock salt can irritate their paws, mouths and gastrointestinal systems and, if enough is ingested, even trigger seizures. There are some alternative products, [...]

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